2 Years of Printing Video!

This week we celebrate two years since introducing Infinite Objects Video Prints to the masses. Between a global pandemic and the explosion of NFTs, this past year has been a particularly challenging yet exciting one for IO.

Since inception, our mission has been to evolve the way we sell, collect, and experience video content through physical immutable display design objects.

In 2019, we went to market with a dozen wildly talented video artists to present limited-edition Video Art Prints to the world.

Shortly after, in 2020, we introduced our Creator Tool, which allowed users to print their personal videos for the very first time, just like photographs.

In our third phase, we continue to lean into our ability to create scarcity, authenticity, and a wholly new approach to physical ownership of digital video content. Enter NFTs, and the summer of the jpeg — more like mp4!

The permanence of our product, coupled with the unique embedded certificate on the backside of our displays make Infinite Objects the most conceptually aligned “physical twin” for NFTs. One of the foremost NFT breakout artists, Beeple, recognized this and included an Infinite Objects Video Print with every NFT sold in his second Nifty Gateway drop back in December of 2020.

Since then, we’ve collaborated with him on several drops as well as dozens of NFT artists including Refik Anadol, ThankYouX, FEWOCiOUS, Greg Mike, Steve Aoki, and NFT projects from RTFKT, CNN Vault to the first ever NFTs at ComplexCon. We’ve been humbled to get the opportunity to work with such talented and groundbreaking creators since the explosion of this new paradigm in how we collect and sell digital art.


Since closing our Seed raise this Spring, we’ve several milestones in terms of product and growth, here’s just a few:

1. Being an artist-first platform creating new ways for creators to monetize video and also connect with their audience, we jumped head-first into Web3 and launched the IO Artist Registry Smart Contract that allows artists to grant permission to their collectors to print their NFTs on Infinite Objects, and collect a royalty payout for each print. It’s important to us to participate in the NFT ecosystem with the same ethos and promises that NFTs bring to creators, and the response thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.

2. We announced our collaboration with Dapper Labs and NBA TopShot to allow TopShot collectors to physically print Moments that they own through an official and authenticated process. We’ll be launching the integration in November, and we can’t wait for the TS community to be able to physically own their favorite moments.

3. We have 10x’d year over year growth having shipped over 22,000 units so far in 2021— this is thanks to YOU, our amazing community of creators, fans, and customers. TikTok in particular has been explosive for us — IO unboxing videos are minting influencers every week.

So much more coming in Q4 of this year. We love our growing community and can’t wait to continue creating even more special moments and printing rare art in 2022!