A New Day for GIFs, Video, and IO

We're thrilled to announce our Valentine's Day partnership with GIPHY as well as our public beta of the IO Creator Tool. Official Press Release can be found here

It’s been a wild start of 2020 for the team here at Infinite Objects.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce our Valentine’s day partnership with GIPHY as well as our public beta of the Infinite Objects Creator Tool.

How are we partnering with GIPHY you ask? What is a Creator Tool? Here’s the lowdown.

As you know, Infinite Objects are permanently treated displays that play one video on loop, forever. Without any buttons or connectivity.two small Infinite Objects showing a dog and animated cherriesIO Custom Video Print (left) GIPHY Valentine’s Day Collection (right)

Our GIPHY Valentine’s Day collection is an offering of six Valentine’s Day GIFs that you can finally own. They’re also a sure-fire way to bring a smile to your lover or (loved one’s) face.

Alex Chung, Founder of GIPHY, sums the collaboration up perfectly:

“At GIPHY, we’ve always dreamed of bringing GIFs into the physical world so they could be shared IRL. Infinite Objects makes this dream a reality. They are making the real world more animated and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.”

The public beta of our Infinite Objects Creator Tool allows you to upload and edit your own video so you can essentially “print” and frame moving memories for the first time.

At IO, the Creator Tool has been our dream. After our October launch which focused on editioned art, we became consumed with the idea that’s inspired us since day one. How can we continue beyond art and popular culture to finally make living with our own videos a possibility?

Since the company’s start, the idea of printing user-generated content was our pie in the sky. We’re surrounded by video, so why not start curating our own moving moments in our homes? To be honest, the whole idea seemed much farther away just a few months ago. But the more we prototyped, and the more people reached out, the clearer it became. It was time to test this now.

So today’s the day. The culmination of an incredible amount of work by an incredibly talented team under the leadership of our founder and CEO Joe Saavedra. It’s exciting, terrifying, and all the things going after a dream is supposed to be.

And with that, I invite you to head on over and check it all out. Don’t forget to tell your friends, and always feel free to reach out to loops@infinteobjects.com with your feedback. But hurry, our custom Video Prints and GIPHY collection are only available while supplies last, which we’re guessing won’t be long ;)