Infinite Objects x The Haas Brothers at amfAR Gala 2021



We partnered with The Haas Brothers to create a Video Print of the world's first NFT for amfAR, a global foundation dedicated to the fight against AIDS.


Our recent journey at Infinite Objects has led us on the pursuit to create physical manifestations of digital content, most recently with physical twins of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that you can hold in your hands and display in your space. 

We were thrilled at the invitation to participate in amfAR, the foundation for AIDs research, in their yearly Gala at Villa Eilenroc in Antibes, France — The 27th edition of the event. Our partnership with The Haas Brothers allowed us to bring the artists’ first minted NFT into a Video Print for their premier artwork, ‘To Everything There Is A Season’. 



The Haas Brothers are a Los Angeles based art duo by twins Nikolai and Simon Haas. Their artwork seamlessly blends the realm of sculpture and design using a multitude of materials such as brass and porcelain to create elaborative “emotional content”. Their work has been accredited in multiple publications over the last nine years such as Wallpaper Magazine, Interior + Design, Vogue Italia, and more.

Curated around the theme of “I am a Movie Star”, the night was nothing short of spellbinding. Live music from some of the world’s renowned artists, as well as a catwalk and ballerina performances.

The evening’s auction raised millions of dollars to help the fight against AIDS. Since its inception, amfAR has raised over $235 million for the cause.

Check out our gallery of event photography below.