One Year of Infinite Objects


Infinite Objects New Museum
Infinite Objects launch event in collaboration with Rhizome at The New Museum, NYC, October 7, 2019.
One of our first-gen Video Art Prints: Exonemo’s Body Paint.
When I founded Infinite Objects in 2018, we were focused on answering several questions:

  • How can we elevate video content to be valued equally as print media has for the last century?
  • How can we make video content collectible and rare?
  • How does video as a tangible, physical format, experienced outside of our phones and laptops change the way video can be monetized? And what does this mean for artist, creator, publisher, and personal video content?

To answer these, we developed what we call a Video Print. A permanently treated display for showing a single piece of video content, looping infinitely. We are creating physical representations of digital content. It is a crazy concept, but it’s one that folks are understanding, and one that creates opportunities across art, popular culture, and personal gifting arenas.
Our latest Artist drop: Frank Guzzone’s Hour Glass 1.0
Lil BUB Infinite Objects
From the Lil BUB x IO Video Print Collection