NFT Artist FAQ

What does it mean to “print” an NFT?

  • Our Video Prints are designed to be a physical reproduction of an NFT. It’s important for us that only collectors who have authenticated their ownership are able to order a print and enjoy the NFT in the real-world. It’s equally important that the creator of the NFT is paid when a print of their work is sold. After a collector authenticates themselves as the owner of an NFT by an Artist who has signed the IO Artist Registry Smart Contract, they will have the right to print their NFT in the form of an Infinite Objects Video Print.

What happens if the collector sells the NFT?

  • When a collector sells the NFT on a secondary market, they get to keep the physical - however the NFT that it represents, and record of their ownership will always live on-chain. This means that by simply looking up the token on-chain, anyone can see who owns the NFT today, how much they bought it for, and when it was sold. The secondary market owner now has the right to print the NFT for themselves, earning you another royalty payout.

How many Video Prints will be made of each NFT?

  • When you sign the IO Artist Registry Smart Contract you get to decide if a collector has the right to only print the NFT once, or if they are able to order multiples of an NFT they own. You will earn a royalty on every print created in either case.

Can I set a custom price?

  • We have 3 price levels for you to select from. This allows you to gauge how valuable your prints are and how much you’d like to earn on each sale.

How will I get paid?

  • After signing up, we will reach out to you with documents and options for collecting your royalties. Depending on your location, payment vehicles may differ.

Can I update my opt-in or pricing selections?

  • Yes. At any time, you can return to the IO Artist Registry page, authenticate with the same wallet you signed up with, and update your selections.

What if I have minted NFTs from multiple wallet addresses?

  • If you have minted NFTs from more than one wallet address, you will need to sign the IO Artist Registry Smart Contract from all addresses that are listed as the creator wallet. 

What if the marketplace minted the NFT on my behalf?

  • As long as your wallet is listed as the `creator_wallet` then your approval will allow your collectors to print your NFT.

Does signing the contract cost anything?

  • Yes, there is a gas fee that you will pay when signing the IO Artist Registry Contract, usually $3-5. We will reimburse this after your first sale, in your first payout.