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Infinite Objects is thrilled to offer a $10 Gift Card for all JOMO NFT holders.

About JOMO: Removing Mental Health Stigmas. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is the pervasive anxiety that one is being left out of an enjoyable experience. We are making the antidote: JOMO- or the Joy of Missing Out, something tangible through a charitable mint campaign on Magic Eden!

During Mental Health Awareness Month on May 10th, Peace Inside Live and their incredible partners at TimePieces, House Of First and Deepak Chopra's Seva Love, Jana Stern, and INTENTIONAL. have launched The Jomo Effect. This blind mint will feature 40 established and emerging artists in Web3 who have each created unique digital art interpreting what joy means to them. 

The JOMO Effect campaign is being minted for on Magic Eden on the Polygon blockchain via Pledge in support of 5 non-profits providing mental health services- Aakoma Project, Half The Story, The MINDS Foundation, LOVELOUD Foundation, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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A few notes:

  • Simply connect your wallet to claim this free Gift Card. Your wallet must hold an official JOMO NFT to be eligible to claim.

  • You will not be executing any transaction above, simply signing a message using MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or WalletConnect to prove your ownership. Our Manifold Token Gate also supports provisioned wallets.

  • Your Gift Card will arrive via e-mail after completing this free checkout.