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Mpho Jacobs - South Africa, Letting Go, 2022

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Letting go is harder when you don't want to. When the ideals still remain in your mind and scream the need for clarity… When you thought that that person's presence in your life was special, meaningful, fitting...The final answer. It felt unbearably difficult but brought immense peace. They had to let go. So as some celebrate love in their daily lives, others mourn, as we let go of the love we were so close to finally feeling. We release from our minds the hollow expectations and hopes for love. In the end, we had to let go, as love was never enough to keep someone who never planned to stay.


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  • Comes with US plug and custom cable 

Artist Bio:

Mpho Jacobs is an artist from South Africa, showcasing complex thoughts around emotions in her art. She is inspired to amplify subjects that she grew up not seeing enough of within art: black individuals and women. Mpho has participated in exhibitions such as the “Neutral Zone 35th Potential Youth Exhibition” and the “Dangerous Minds Regional High School Exhibition” in Ann Arbor, Michigan (2017). She has also exhibited in the “Creative Arts College: Art in the Park” exhibition (2019) and the “Tatham Art Gallery Matric Exhibition” (2021) in her hometown. Recently, her NFTs were showcased in the “PUNKISM” exhibition by IHAM NFT Gallery in Paris, France and the 1MA Collective “FORGING THE FUTURE” exhibition in Dakar, Senegal.


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