Get to Know the Infinite Objects Team

Our staff picks for the 2020 holiday season

With the holidays fast approaching we’re all facing a much different gift buying experience this year. We’re stuck inside, there won’t be much of a Holiday Market scene, mall Santas are stuck behind plexiglass, so what do you get for the aunt who was already impossible to find something for?

In the past few months we’ve welcomed some new members to the team, so why not get to know us and get some holiday gift-buying inspiration all at the same time?

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When on vacation in Switzerland, I captured a 20-minute drone flight from the top floor balcony of where we were staying. The drone flight begins close-up of my Mom and Me sitting down at a table on the balcony and then very slowly moves away from us and pans around to reveal that we are on the coast of Lake Geneva. The flight then takes 10 minutes to go around the coast and reveal the mountains and water, and then returns back to show me and my mom at the loop point. It’s a great time-capsule of the visual memory of being together somewhere that we will probably never be again.

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For my daughter’s elementary school graduation, we chose 200 images from thousands of pictures of her 5 years of school life with her friends and made a slide show to printed on Infinite Objects’ Small Bamboo frame. She was really happy with it. She brought it everywhere in our house and I can see it at the moment. Now it stays at her desk as she starts her middle school life. It was a perfect celebration of that type of life event.

My mom is a Pisces with a hectic schedule and loves looking at calming water and pretty fish, so I captured footage of a beautiful aquarium on the Mediterranean coast to gift her in a small acrylic IO. Since we live in different countries, it’s a token of our bond and something relaxing for her to re-calibrate herself within the midst of her busy day.

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