An Infinite Object showing footage of a NASA shuttle launch


Thanks for checking out Infinite Objects.

We have a radical vision: we believe that moving images should be appreciated the same way posters, prints, and photographs have been for decades; not just trapped in our phones and laptops, in our camera roll or on TikTok. So we created a new way to live with video.

Our product is a permanently treated display - what we call a Video Print. No apps, no fussy configuration; just one video, looping forever. You are not buying a gadget, you are collecting a moving image. Infinite Objects hold up to 24 hours of video playing in a perpetual loop, delivering the same experience as art prints or photographs, in a beautiful 5", 7", or 10" display, framed in modern acrylic or sustainably-sourced bamboo.

We're working to find novel and compelling ways to elevate video — whether it be Art, Entertainment, NFTs, or your own personal moments — and defining a new way to buy, own, sell, and experience moving images. Infinite Objects are permanent physical expressions for all digital video.

We hope you find something beautiful for your home, moving images that move you. Come back soon, as we are always updating our Video Print Collections.

Infinitely yours,

The IO Team