Go Viral with Infinite Objects


In the last decade, the concept of viral videos, and the search for the secret formula on how to make them, has been top of mind for social media users and marketers alike. Recently, TikTok has turned the concept of virality on its head with its inclusive algorithm that puts value on the content, and not necessarily on a user's fan base. With users spending an average of 50 minutes a day on the app with over 800M active accounts, the door has been opened to a new generation of influencer-one that can go viral overnight for the very first time.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen dozens of Infinite Objects unboxing videos do just that-create viral videos and new influencers over night. Through simply sharing their recently purchased Infinite Objects, our very own customers have seen nearly 15 million views of a single post. Prior to going viral with IO, many often had only a few hundred views per post. Adorable dog content and presenting someone with emotional and thought-out gifts are the biggest content trends that engage followers. But let’s take it a step back — what is an Infinite Object Video Print and how does it help you go viral on TikTok? 

In short, an Infinite Object is a permanently treated display — We call them Video Prints. There are no buttons, no connectivity, no app, and no updates. Just one video looping infinitely that allows you to treat video like you would a photograph or art print for the very first time.

With TikTok being a video-focused platform, what better way to showcase a Video Print?  Also, the aspect ratio is pretty much perfect for converting not only TikTok videos, but also IG stories into an IO. When you combine the personalized nature of a Video Print along with this new and disruptive way to treat art and personal videos, you are showcasing something that users aspire to get their hands on. 

We’ve reviewed all our viral customer content to bring you a step by step guide to going viral with Infinite Objects. Below, we’ll walk you through the key points that have made our customers’ TikToks go viral.

  1. Build Suspense
  2. Big reveal!
  3. Glamour shot

Step One: Build Suspense 

Lead with a little mystery. We often see our customers set the stage by telling us why they ordered the piece before showing it off. Was it a birthday gift? Were you commemorating a special moment? Take some time to build the suspense and maybe show off the object in its shipping box before you move into your unboxing. 

We encourage you to add some of your own unique touches to spotlight your personality, whether that be through picking a unique location to open your package, or having  your furry companion be the package courier like our @chinpals friends. 


Step Two: Big Reveal

This is it. As we mentioned, what makes an Infinite Object unboxing so captivating is that moment you take it out of the box and watch it turn on in your hands. Make sure to show a clear view of the product, so your viewers get the full picture from the other side of the screen.

There are so many ways to get unique with how you show the big reveal, but a few we love are:

  1. Timing the shot of lifting your video print to a music drop, paying attention to trending audio.
  2. Applying a new filter or zoom during your reveal. 
Step Three: The Glamour Shot
How does your Video Print fit in your life? How will you use it? 

Whether you showcase it on your bedside table, your bookshelf, or your desk, now is the chance to show your followers how your new Infinite Object fits into your life.

Think of it this way — If you’re showcasing a recipe or food dish, your success lies in whether people can envision themselves making and eating what it is you’re cooking. How the Video Print is displayed and how it shows off your space and personality is key to creating intrigue.

By replicating this overall concept, you begin to drive high user engagement through comments, bookmarks, and the number of saves your videos receive. After all, TikTok isn’t a platform that prioritizes keywords or the most popular users  — it’s focused on elevating the content people love most, just like Infinite Objects!

So find a video you love, follow the three easy steps above, and share the moments that matter most to inspire your fellow TikTokers. Chances are you could go viral.


After a few last edits to your TikTok, make sure to tag us in your comments so we can see your beautiful creation! 

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