Infinite Objects For Everyone!

When we decided to call ourselves Infinite Objects, we meant it. Not only do our Objects play your Video Prints on loop, but you can put pretty much any moving content on them. As various as videos can be, we decided to put together a helpful list of Objects for your gift-buying convenience. From the tech heads to the luddites, we’ve got something to offer everyone on your list.

For new parents

With all the emotions that come with welcoming a new family member into the world, by far the best come from spending time with the little one. Every moment with them is a first of some kind, and we all know new parents fill their phones to capture it all. What could be a better way to put all of those moments together than in a beautiful moving display? Baby-books are great, but nothing beats watching those first steps on repeat.


For newlyweds

Right up there with having a kid, getting married is one of the most memorable moments of life. For those in older generations, do you know where your wedding VHS tape is? Do you even still have a VHS player? Infinite Objects make for the perfect way to preserve and display your beautifully edited (not to mention expensive!) wedding videos for years to come. 


For the nature lover stuck in the city

Nothing cheers me up more than going for a good hike somewhere beautiful or watching nature videos. Unfortunately for us city-dwelling nature-lovers, it’s been especially difficult to get away for the past several months. One way to soften that blow is to make yourself a window to the outdoors, we’ve even made a few ourselves that we think you’ll love.

For the extrovert stuck in the suburbs

On the other end of things are the folks who love concrete jungles and being immersed in a sea of strangers, but can’t get their extrovert fix. Certainly crowds are off the table, but they can still catch those social city vibes with one of our urban and architectural Infinite Objects. And bonus points if they’re missing their daily commute, Erik Winkowski’s Roundabout reminds us just how pleasant civil engineering can be.

For the easily entertained

What gift buying list would be complete without that certain someone whose hobby involves, ahem, more herbal practices? In all honesty these someones usually aren’t all that difficult to find gifts for, but I think we’ve got the best options by far this holiday season. From colorful comically-surreal dreamscapes, to everyone’s favorite screensaver, we’ve got a lot to keep folks entertained when they just want to eat snacks and watch something pretty.

For grandparents

Last, but certainly the greatest, are gifts for the grandparents. Though grannies everywhere are becoming more and more tech savvy, nothing can compare with the beautiful simplicity of Infinite Objects. There’s no firmware to update, no bluetooth to fight with, just a lovely frame for them to watch their grandchildren take those first steps (see paragraph 2). And for the grandparents whose grandkids are well past baby steps, we have a bouquet of beautiful timelapsed flowers ready to adorn doilies everywhere. 

This list covers a lot of ground, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty of other loved ones to think about. For even more options check out, and use our creator tool to print all of your favorite moving memories. And be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @infiniteobjects to stay in the loop.