Gift a Moving Memory this Mother's Day

Mothers everywhere have a lot more to take care of these days than making sure you’ve been eating vegetables and washing your hands. As Mothers Day approaches, we wanted to share some ideas for gifts that truly never stop giving. What could be better than printing a memory of times we were together when we have to stay so far apart?
Infinite Objects are just that, a tangible memory. And not only are we offering the chance to print your favorite videos, but we’ve curated and crafted a beautiful collection of ready-made Objects that would help anyone find a little calmness in this stressful moment.
We recently posted about how you can make an amazing video from a single photo using Pixaloop, and today we’re featuring an app that you probably already have downloaded–Instagram. And don’t worry, you won’t have to post a thing.

To start, find a photo or video your mom would love. While every mom is different, we’ve come up with suggestions to help make the best possible Infinite Object. Mainly, pick something that’ll never get old; our Objects are meant to be always on, playing on loop forever. You’ll also want to think about where this might end up living–videos with too much motion can be distracting in a small office, but are much better in a larger living room. Lastly, don’t worry about audio, Infinite Objects are always totally silent.
One of the easiest ways to bring a photo to life with Instagram is by adding stickers, and there are tons to choose from by our friends at Giphy; all you have to do is search for Mothers Day. Add any other text, filters, or doodles, and when you’re done, tap the download icon and head over to  

Next, go ahead and hit that bright blue “create your own” button! Here you’ll upload the video you just made and preview it on an Object, the small is around the size of a postcard, and the large is about the size of a traditional photo frame. Have some fun and play around with the options available, especially scaling the zoom, adjusting the speed, and dragging to reposition the video.


Once you’ve watched the whole thing through once or twice, tap add to cart! Be sure to add a note during check out to make your Infinite Object all the more personal. And last but not least, if you haven't called your mom in a while, give her a ring! Sometimes a little conversation is better than anything else.

To make sure your gift arrives in time, order by April 30th.