Valentine's Day Gifts He'll Love

Gift giving should be fun, but when you're trying to find a unique or personal gift, especially for your boyfriend, things can get tough. Personalized gifts are always a thoughtful and meaningful gesture, and we're here to show you how to create the perfect one.

When we talk about personalized gifts for your boyfriend, we're not referring to an engraved picture frame or mug from Etsy. We're taking it to the next level.
The personalized gifts for your boyfriend we have in mind are beautiful Infinite Objects Video Prints. A way to finally take your most precious couples videos and make them into works of art.

Our creator tool allows you to free the endless videos stuck on your devices and make a permanently treated Video Print of your cutest couple moments in just a few clicks. Just upload a video from your phone or computer, edit with different filters or playing speeds, and crop to perfection. Then select from one of our three sizes and two materials. While it's just like printing and framing a photograph (but for video), it's not like the digital photo frames you're used to. Unlike traditional digital photo frames, your Video Prints have no buttons, apps or connectivity. This makes the experience as simple as ever. To make it even more magical, when your boyfriend opens his personalized Video Print, it'll start playing in his hands! All you have to do is take it out of the box, find a place for it, and plug it in. Just like a framed photo but from the future. With less functionality than digital frames, we're actually able to make moving memories physical. Instead of looking through your favorite videos on your phone or computer, you can actually gift them for the first time.

Check out a few examples of sweet unboxings our customers have recorded and the video content they used to make their IOs. Whether you've taken videos during recent travel, time with your families, or just during date night, you have everything you need to make the perfect personalized gift for your boyfriend with us.


If you can't find the perfect video of your own, we've also got incredible Video Art Prints. Everything from limited edition artist works from around the world, or pieces in collaboration with the NBA for your sports lover. All it takes is a few minutes and you're sure to find the perfect option.

Not only are these gifts incredibly thoughtful, but they also provide a way for you and your loved one to relive your special memories anytime and anywhere, on loop. Whether you're apart during the day or live long distance, Video Prints are sure to put a smile on your boyfriend's face. So why wait? Start printing your video memories today!