Artist Collection

Natasha Tomchin

Natasha Tomchin is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and coder. Born in Belarus, she immigrated to the US at a young age and was raised in Nebraska. Moving to Miami to attend the University of Miami at 18, Natasha found her new home and main source of inspiration in the ever-changing skyscapes and abundant flora and fauna. With an eye for design and layout, Natasha began programming and designing websites back in college and became a full-time freelance coder upon graduation. Finding her creative energy stifled in the world of corporate websites and client graphics, she began pursuing creative coding ideas in her free-time. Both of her parents are programmers so she was easily able to learn new tricks and create her first art code as an interactive kaleidoscope series - which is still one of her most requested styles of work, and truly kicked off the beginning of her visual art career. See more on her website and Instagram.