Printing video for the first time? Here are some quick tips, tricks, and things to consider when designing your first Video Print.

Video File Format

Our Creator Tool currently only accepts the videos with the following properties:

  • 1GB or smaller in size
  • .mov or .mp4 in H264 encoding
  • 1024x576 minimum resolution is recommended

Product Specs

Check out the Product Size and Specifications to learn more about our various product offerings for Custom Infinite Objects Video Prints.


An important thing to consider is that Infinite Objects are designed to be always on and looping. Some speeds are more soothing than others, especially considering they’ll be in your personal space. We find the most magical objects are ones in which the content doesn't move around or change super quickly. Play around with the speed to see if slowing down or speeding up your video will complement it best.


Don’t be shy about trying some longer videos on your Infinite Object. As long as your file is under 1GB, it will work in our tool. Longer videos can be fun especially since you’ll see different parts of it whenever the piece catches your eye.

Helpful apps

Having trouble choosing a video, or have a photo you prefer? There are a lot of amazing apps that not only help you edit video but also animate photos. Check out Boomerang, Filterloopapp, or simply export from Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok and use our Creator Tool to turn your social moment into a physical and permanent memory. You can also checkout this blog post that walks you through using Pixaloop to create an awesome IO Video Print.


    Feel free to reach out with any questions while you're creating your custom Video Print.