Yusuke Shigeta

A Silent Shore (Landscape)

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This collection may include some pieces that have already been sold as NFT. Please note that the purchaser will receive the print work, NOT the NFT.

This piece is a spin-off of the nft collection called "A shore A.M. / P.M.". It is a pixel art landscape depicting a winter day in the seaside town where the artist lives.


  • 5.8 x 8.4 x inches
  • Comes with US plug and custom cable 

Artist Bio

Lives and works in Japan(Kanagawa). Media Artist / Pixel Animation Artist. Shigeta works in media art through his interest in a wide range of animation, including principles and devices such as phenakistoscopes and zoetropes. He has been working on experiential video works using multiple projectors and monitors to develop animations in a spatial manner. In recent years, he has been presenting many pixel art animations.


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