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Energy Kaleidoscopes is a dynamic AI-driven art project that reimagines traditional kaleidoscopes through modern technology, quantum physics, and artistic innovation. This series of short animations bursts with vibrant colors and electric energy, offering a mesmerizing visual experience. 

The project builds on the concepts of mirroring and repetition found in traditional kaleidoscopes, enhanced by AI to create complex and unique compositions. AI algorithms fuse patterns and shapes that are difficult to conceive manually, resulting in a novel visual language.

Each Infinite Objects physical edition entitles the collector to claim a unique (1 of 147) Ethereum ERC-721 NFT featuring a single animation from the collection. The 'Group' trait of your randomly assigned NFT indicates similarly colored or structured NFTs, and determines which long-form IO video you will receive: one of Gem, Fuchsia, or Vibrate. Each longer video features all of the unique Energy Kaleidoscopes within the given category. Check out our interview with Anne Spalter here

Additional Notes: 

  • This piece is bundled with a Digital Twin. Learn more here.
  • Purchasable with crypto by selecting 'Coinbase Commerce' on checkout.
  • In addition to the initial digital/physical bundle, secondary market sales of the EK NFTs are eligible to collect a physical IO for up to 3 months from drop date. After 3 months these open edition Infinite Object pieces will be closed.

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