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From the artist... "I left my home without even knowing it was the last time I’ll ever live there. My mum kept it a secret that she was leaving my father for good, so she told my siblings and I that we are going for a holiday without him. She packed our clothes into bags and booked us a flight to another state in Malaysia. All I could think about were the books, toys, and things that I didn’t pack with me. All those treasures and photo albums that I left back home. As I grew older, I keep going back to the what if. What if I knew that I won’t come back? What would I pack with me? What would I say if I could get the chance to say goodbye to my friends and family? And to my birthplace that I used to call home."

This work was originally part of the Infinite Objects x Studio As We Are: Women of the World Collection.

This is a Video Print

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just video art you can hold.