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Explore the enigmatic world of 'Flood pt1,' a black and white art video series that delves into the intricate nuances of spider behavior, reimagined with a touch of desolation. This series unveils a solemn dance between two groups of spiders, navigating a realm of attack and defense through somber prey and predator simulations. Deliberately devoid of vibrant hues, 'Flood' unfolds within a stark environment shaped by nearly 50 randomized parameters dictated by an algorithm. The resulting compilation is a contemplative journey, inviting you to witness the muted, unpredictable beauty of an ever-evolving visual narrative—a testament to the convergence of art and algorithm in the quietude of 'Infinite Objects'.

Read our interview with the artist here.

This is a Video Print

No buttons, no setup, no apps,
just video art you can hold.