Flower Press

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Flower Press, is, at its core, the appreciation for an old-world technique, reimagined for the digital age, with consideration for the Infinite Object as a Flower Press itself. The art of pressing flowers dates back to the 1500s as an ornate practice to create decorative imagery while preserving the plants' natural beauty and color. Flower Press exhibits not only the final imagery that comes from pressing the florals but also the process itself that will last a lifetime.


  • Limited Edition LCD Display Video Print in Acrylic
  • Extra Large Acrylic: 11.4 x 7.5 x 1.1 inches
  • Comes with US plug and custom mag-safe cable 

Artist Bio

HailxRy is an artist duo based in Brooklyn, NY with the same affection for concepts and imagery, with opposing approaches. Hailey has a background in centuries-old techniques including analog photography, weaving, embroidery, clay sculpting, and pottery with influences steeped in nature resulting in abstract forms. Ryan has spent more than half his life heavily focused on multimedia techniques including contemporary digital design, 3D rendering, animation and NFTs focused on realism, organic forms, and turning his imagination into a rendered reality. This husband and wife duo paired up to create Flower Press as a way of merging their two styles and points of view, into one coherent piece.

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