Jeremy Couillard

Teen Jail

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Teen Jail is an animated, surreal narrative that takes place over 40 minutes in one room. Through the open window, you can observe recurring characters fight, make out, dance, worship fire, read poems and drift in and out of reality. Rather than a linear viewing experience, the happenings in the room are made to be seen bit by bit, over time, as you live with the video print in your space.

This video print was curated by Daata Editions, a platform for artists and art collectors that work with moving image and sound.


  • 5.8 x 8.4 x 1 inches
  • Signed and numbered by artist
  • Comes with US plug and custom cable  

Artist Bio

Educated as a painter, Jeremy Couillard is a self-taught new media artist who has made numerous well-received and internationally exhibited video, virtual reality, and video game works, accompanied by installations, paintings, and ephemera. His works often deploy humorous narratives about future dystopias to explore what motivates us as humans to work, live, and create. Couillard received his MFA from Columbia University and his BA from Michigan State University. Couillard has exhibited at Zabludowicz Collection (London, U.K.), Phillips Auction House (co-commissioned by daata editions) (New York, NY), yours, mine & ours gallery (New York, NY), Lincoln Center (New York, NY), among many others.

Learn more about Jeremy Couillard's work on his website.


Loop Duration
40m 00s

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