Sold Out

#NewProfilePic is a looping video of the artist, Molly Soda, taking cell phone photographs of herself in a mirror. The screen is littered with glittering .gifs of women, the subject in the photo becomes an avatar, joining the flattened girls on the screen.

Artist Bio 

Molly Soda is a visual artist working in video, installation, interactive art, performance and print media. Her work is often hosted online allowing the work to evolve and interact with the platforms themselves. Soda engages with questions of revisiting one’s own virtual legacy, how we present ourselves and perform for imagined others online and how the ever shifting nature of our digital space affects our memories and self-concept.

Check out more of Molly Soda’s work on Instagram.

This video print is curated by HERVISIONS x Studio As We Are. The collaboration strengthens their joint mission of creating space for digital art to exist IRL and cultivating, supporting and advancing voices in New Media. The femme-focused collection is also exhibiting at the CADAF Online virtual art fair this June 25th through June 28th 2020.

This is a Video Print

No buttons, no setup, no apps,
just video art you can hold.