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Captured by legendary photographer Kevin Estrada on August 17, 1991 at GMT Studios on Culver City, CA

Notes from the artist:

Nirvana was in town to shoot the Smells Like Teen Spirit music video for the Nevermind album that was  set to be released in a little over a month.  Since they were in town, they decided to play a show at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood a few nights prior – this show is considered to possibly be the greatest show they ever played. 

I had become friends with the band during the Bleach Tour and my camera and I were always at their shows.  Kurt and Krist really wanted to make sure I came to the video shoot and wanted me to bring some of my friends – the funny thing is, I think they were a bit worried no one was going to show up.  When my friends and I arrived that morning, Kurt had saved a prime spot for us – right in the center of the bleachers, guaranteeing us a spot in the video.

After a few hours of shooting, it was lunchtime.  We all went outside to see what was for lunch,  and for some reason, Kurt decided I was vegetarian and made me a massive sprout sandwich.  Since we still had some time before shooting started up again, I asked the band if they wanted to snap some photos.  I pulled them away and we found a few spots for this legendary Nirvana photo session.

I never thought these photos would be so important, I was just doing what I normally did.  The band, the day, the song, the clothes, the video, the album…it was all so special and meaningful.  The music world was about to change…and luckily I was long for the ride.

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