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Heavily inspired by themes of addiction, self-discovery, and redemption, Snuffy’s Shadows in the Clouds navigates the complexities of the human condition – prompting viewers to examine their own lives through a new lens.

This piece is centered around Snuffy’s sketch depicting a group of people surrounding an open gravesite, standing over it and peering down. Snuffy challenges the viewer's perspective, drawing them into the artwork to experience the sensation of gazing up from within the grave. Behind the physically layered sketch is a video beginning with a bright blue sky with moving clouds which plays on a ~13.5 minute loop. Together, the artwork and video display create what Snuffy describes as a “vertigo experience” that takes viewers to “a place they don't realize until it's too late.”

Shadows in the Clouds is a profound exploration of self-reflection and the pursuit of fulfillment. Inspired by the artist's introspective journey, the piece invites viewers to contemplate the fleeting nature of life and the importance of seizing every moment – serving as a reminder that life is finite, and every decision shapes the legacy we leave behind.

“Our days are consumed by trivial distractions, and we see a trail of missed opportunities and untapped potential. But in a brief moment of clarity and sobriety, we pick our heads up, we recognize everything we ever desired was within reach. And all we had to do was picture our final days and think of the things we might regret” -- says Snuffy.

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