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Captured by legendary photographer Kevin Estrada on October 6, 1991 in Hollywood, CA.

Notes from the artist:

It was a big week for Soundgarden - their new album, Badmotorfinger was set to be released in just two days and they were in L.A. for two big events - The Concrete Marketing Foundations Forum Awards and the 5th Annual RIP Magazine Party. 

I started shooting Soundgarden regularly during the Louder Than Love tour and built a strong relationship with the band and management.  I met up with the band early in the day as they arrived at the Hollywood Palladium for load-in and soundcheck for the RIP Magazine Party.  I found a nice spot towards the backside of the venue and we snapped away.  You would never guess it, but besides being serious musicians, these guys are huge goofballs – which made this shoot a lot of fun and really came through in some of the images.

Fast forward to April 29, 1992:  Soundgarden is back in L.A. playing a headline show at the Palace in Hollywood.  Their manager, Susan Silver and I kept in touch when they came through town and she asked me to bring the images from the shoot I did in October.  After the show, the band and Susan looked through the photos and they all started pointing at one of the photos.  “Yeah, that’s the one!”  “Yes, perfect.”  Holding up the photo, they said, “This is the new Badmotorfinger Tour shirt!” 


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