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Unleash the dark elegance of A.K.I.'s Street Fighter 6 outfits. Each outfit captures the poison-wielding apprentice’s sinister charm and deadly allure, designed with details that reflect her fascination with toxins and devotion to her master, F.A.N.G. Every piece in this collection showcases A.K.I.'s unique style and lethal grace, for fans who appreciate the blend of danger and beauty.

What are Infinite Objects?

Infinite Objects are moving posters infinitely looping animations of your favorite characters and scenes. They are next-generation collectibles for the digital world of games, sports, art and more.  No setup or configuration needed. When you pick them up, they turn on in your hands (like magic!) and the content begins permanently looping. 

This is a Video Print

No buttons, no setup, no apps,
just Street Fighter™️ moments
looping on your desk or bookshelf.
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