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Soten Ranka (蒼天乱華 Sōten Ranka, "Pale Heaven Wild Luster") is Chun-Li’s strongest move. Chun-Li circles her arms, swinging downward, hitting her opponent in the back of the head before snapping a kick to launch them in the air. Chun-Li throws rapid Wing Chun punches to their belly while they're in the air before hitting them with a spinning roundhouse kick to send them flying. Chun-Li crouches into her Serenity Stream stance before jumping up to her opponent. Chun-Li delivers a Hazanshu, slamming her leg into their back and slamming them into the ground for the finish. The Super Arts units display Chun-Li’s Level 3 Super against every opponent in their home stage on a loop with a stylized character intro. 

Soten Ranka ⬇️↙️⬅️⬇️↙️⬅️➕🦶

Perform a roundhouse kick, knock your opponent into the air with a series of attacks, and then smash them with a devastating kick. Useful for tacking on big damage in a combo, or as a quick way to turn the tables.

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