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The Shin Shoryuken (真・昇龍拳 Shin Shōryūken, "True Rising Dragon Fist") is one of Ryu’s strongest Super moves. Ryu first strikes the opponent’s gut with one fist then delivers a blow to the chin with the other, he then sharply raises his knee to strike the opponent’s abdomen a second time and finally completes the uppercut, launching the opponent skyward. The Super Arts units display Ryu’s Level 3 Super against every opponent in their home stage on a loop with a stylized character intro. 

Shin Shoryuken ⬇️↘️➡️⬇️↘️➡️➕🦶

A powerful Shoryuken unleashed at short range. An overwhelming technique that aims for an opponent's vitals.

What are Infinite Objects?

Infinite Objects are moving posters infinitely looping animations of your favorite characters and scenes. They are next-generation collectibles for the digital world of games, sports, art and more. 

 No setup or configuration needed. When you pick them up, they turn on in your hands (like magic!) and the content begins permanently looping. 

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