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Relive The Doors' legendary July 5th, 1968 performance at the Hollywood Bowl on perpetual loop as an Infinite Objects Moving Poster.

The Doors lit up the storied stage of the Hollywood Bowl with a legendary performance that is widely considered to be the band’s finest captured on film. This is an Official Moving Poster from The Doors and Infinite Objects, and is a visual-only accompaniment to the live audio recording. Scan the QR code on backside to listen to the performance on Spotify.

Available on The Doors Merch Store and as part of the Infinite Objects Music Moments collection.

What are Infinite Objects?
Infinite Objects are moving posters infinitely looping animations of your favorite moments. They are next-generation collectibles for the digital world of music, art and more. No setup or configuration needed. When you pick them up, they turn on in your hands (like magic!) and the content begins permanently looping. 

This piece is not eligible for any Infinite Objects Store discounts.

This is a Video Print

No buttons, no setup, no apps,
just video art you can hold.