Jeanette Getrost

The Perfectionist

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This piece plays on the famed quote by da Vinci “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” It was a three part evolution beginning with an oil painting of a cloudscape. The painting felt incomplete and the artist later added in her hand, painting the painting. The final installment is a video of her hand quite literally coming into (and out of) frame to finish the painting. No VFX were used in the making of this piece.


  • 5.8 x 8.4 x 1 inches
  • Signed and numbered by artist 
  • Comes with US plug and custom cable

Artist Bio

Named by Vogue as one of the fashion industry's most in-demand illustrators, Jeanette Getrost has partnered with luxury brands ranging from Chanel and Dior to Fendi and Ferragamo. Her work has been covered by trend-setting publications including W. and Women's Wear Daily. With a background steeped equally in studio art and vintage fashion, she brings a distinctively classical vision to contemporary apparel. The artist has recently taken up oil painting and making short films.

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