Laneigh Ramirez

We Got Heart

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This painting centers a happy and vibrant Black woman in an infinity of hearts, inspired by pop art. She exudes love and warmth, while existing in a world of affection. All Black women deserve a space to give and receive love. We are love and we got heart.


  • Small Acrylic: 4.5 x 6.4 x 1 inches
  • Comes with US plug and custom cable 

Artist Bio: 

Laneigh Ramirez is an Afro-Canadian oil painter based in Toronto. Her impressionistic portraits are reflections of her personal life and manifestations of Black joy. With enhanced color and extreme detail, Laneigh celebrates the confidence of Black women and girls today. “Live authentically” being her motto, she finds inspiration from Black creatives who exhibit truth through fashion, photography, painting and more. Her current series connects insecurity to inspiration and expression. With figuration and realism she spotlights universal Black girl experiences. As a filmmaker, she explores real and unique stories of Black individuals.

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